Hunter Biden Tells Hooker Russians Stole His Laptop

August 12, 2021Articles

There is a new video out allegedly showing a naked Hunter Biden telling a naked woman that one of his laptops was stolen by the Russians and that “They have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex f***ing, you know.” Read the Original Story from the Daily Mail Share Tweet Email Pinterest Reddit

Did President Biden Say the N-Word?

May 11, 2021Videos

President Joe Biden has an unfortunate tendency to slur his words and combine them in jumbled messes that often end up being incoherent and unintelligible. This was the case once again during the Virtual Munich Security Conference that took place on February 19, 2021. President Biden gave a long address during which he stumbled many

Joe Biden Trips 3 Times While Boarding Air Force One

March 19, 2021Videos

Joe Biden is currently 78 years old and is the oldest sitting President in American history. Because of his age and his many gaffes, many people have raised the question if Joe Biden is physically and mentally capable of leading the world’s largest superpower. On Friday, March 19, 2021, Joe Biden was climbing the stairs

If Joe Biden Was a Cat (gif)

February 24, 2021Images & Gifs

Look out! Somebody let Joe Biden’s cat out of the bag. Watch your back because it looks like little Joe has cat scratch fever! Don’t let Joe catch you taking a cat nap. If you feel something, say something. Its ok to be a scaredy cat. While a massage from Joe Biden may seem tempting,

Biden Has Deported Over 26,000 Immigrants in First Month

February 24, 2021Articles

Biden claimed during a CNN Democratic debate that “In the first hundred days of my administration, no one – no one will be deported at all.” However, he has already shattered that promise less than a month into his administration. The Numbers United We Dream estimates that as of February 16, 2021: Joe Biden’s administration

Joe Biden Racial Jungle Quote

February 20, 2021Quotes

“Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point. We have got to make some move on this.” – Joe Biden

23 Times Democrats Incited Violence

February 18, 2021Videos

Democrats love to talk about how Trump, Cruz, and other Republicans are inciting violence, yet fail to see the hypocrisy when members of their own party and the media (but I repeat myself) do the same. They pretend like they have never said or done anything that encouraged violence or riots, yet here are 23