Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, we can all agree that poking fun at our country’s politicians and Presidents is a lot of fun and can be helpful to keep them in check. There’s Bill Clinton’s relationships with women, Bush’s casual slang & stumbling over words, Obama’s staccato speaking style, Trump’s insults & hair, and President Joe Biden’s forgetfulness and old age. All Americans need to remember that We The People are their bosses and they aren’t above criticism.

If you’re looking for a funny anti-Biden tee to wear around town, to a political rally, or just around the house – look no further. We’ve rounded up a list of the best and funniest shirts we’ve designed that make fun of our new President Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris. These shirts run the gamut from jokes about Biden’s odd touching of women, to his age, to using real quotes from Kamala about his accusers. All of the shirts listed are sold on Amazon and have free shipping for Amazon Prime members. They are usually available in both men, women, and youth sizes so you can outfit your whole family! They typically have a variety of colors available as well so don’t base your decision on the thumbnail image color as the shirts usually also come in black, navy, red, blue, white, and more colors than listed.

Top 10 Anti-Biden T-Shirts

I'd Sniff That Funny Parody Anti-Biden Tshirt

#1 - I'd Sniff That

We all know Joe Biden has a propensity to get very close to women and smell their hair or whisper in their ear. We made this tshirt as the perfect way to make fun of this odd quirk. The shirt says “I’d Sniff That” and has a close up picture of Joe Biden with his nose cut out over the text. Its a play on words of the phrase “I’d Hit That.”

This shirt is pretty popular – it has lots of 5 star reviews on Amazon and has been selling fast! It comes in a huge variety of colors so get several so you can be sure to match whatever your outfit is for the day.

Hidin' From Biden Official T-Shirt by Joe Biden Parody website

#2 - Hidin' From Biden (Original)

Back when Joe Biden first announced his run for President and our little poorly thrown together parody site JoeBiden.info outranked his entire campaign site, then we created a shirt that went viral – Hidin’ From Biden. This design has been stolen, copy catted, duplicated – you name it. There are a million similar designs online now but this is the original. We created the tagline and the original t-shirt design.

This shirt features the words “Hidin’ From Biden” with Joe Biden peeking out from the center of the D. The tagline is referencing the feeling people get when Biden comes up behind them and wants to rub their shoulders or play with their hair. This one has been really popular in youth/kids sizes.

Joe Biden as a Zombie funny tshirt

#3 - Zombie Joe Biden

Joe Biden is now the oldest sitting U.S. President in history. He was born November 20, 1942 and was 78 years old at his inauguration on January 20, 2021.

As we’ve seen over the course of the campaign, Joe isn’t as sharp as he used to be. He constantly makes blunders, says the wrong thing, or just seems like he’s staring off into the distance – like a zombie. This fun t-shirt has a great little illustration of Joe Biden as a zombie including the green skin, messed up eye, and blood from the brains he’s been eating. This is an original illustration by us and one you can’t get anywhere else!

Joe Biden in a Dog cone collar to prevent sniffing women cartoon illustration funny parody

#4 - Joe Biden in a Dog Cone

When a dog has a problem with chewing or licking, you sometimes have to put a cone around his neck so that he can no longer irritate those sore spots. Similarly, a cone would help prevent creepy uncle Joe Biden from sneaking up behind women and getting close to sniff their hair or whisper in their ear.

This original illustration makes for a hilarious shirt – especially with Joe’s smirking face. It makes me laugh every time.

Joe Biden Grope Parody Obama Hope Poster T-Shirt

#5 - The Audacity of Grope

Obama was elected based on his campaign promises of “hope” and “change.” There was an iconic poster that became a viral sensation of Obama illustrated in a stylized manner with the word “Hope” underneath it. Of course, his promises were about as thin as the poster… but what can you do?

This parody shirt depicts Joe Biden in a similar style as Obama’s Hope poster but with the word “Grope” underneath him instead.

Kamala Harris for Arresting the People Funny Shirt

#6 - Kamala Harris for Arresting the People

The Democrats lately have been all about defunding the police, denouncing them as a inherently racist organization, (rightly) calling for prison & justice reform, etc. Yet they can’t stop gushing over their  VP choice, Kamala Harris, who was a former DA. She was in charge of enforcing and enacting a lot of those policies and institutions the Democrats (including herself) now fight against.

So we made this shirt to tell this truth. Her campaign “logo” was “Kamala Harris for the People”… so we just inserted the word “Arresting” in there to change the meaning a bit.

I believe Joe Biden Accusers says Kamala Harris

#7 - Kamala Harris Believes Joe Biden's Accusers Quote

Many people have short term memories but not too long ago, Kamala Harris (like all the other Democrats) were throwing insults at Creepy Joe Biden left and right during the primaries. Kamala at one point practically called him a flat out racist. When accusers came forward alleging that Joe Biden had touched them inappropriately, Kamala Harris was willing to Believe All Women and back them up.

We’ve designed this shirt with the quote she said in a video interview when asked about Joe’s accusers: “I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it.”

Joe Biden Sniffing Kamala Harris

#8 - Joe Biden Sniffing Kamala Harris

This one’s a little silly and a lot of fun. It features Joe Biden getting close behind and putting his hands on Kamala Harris’ shoulders. Its obviously (poorly) photoshopped, but thats part of the charm and humor.

Anti or Pro Joe Biden for President 2020 Funny Sniff Meme T-Shirt Merchandise for Sale

#9 - Joe Biden Sniffing Joe Biden

We couldn’t help ourselves and made a couple variations of the previous shirt. We have Joe Biden sniffing Joe Biden (seen here), Joe Biden sniffing Hillary, and Joe Biden sniffing Obama. Better hide yo wife, hide yo kids, and hide yo husband, because Creepy Joe sniffing everybody up in here! Next, we might just have to create a Trump shirt with Biden over his shoulder as well.

Anti or Pro Joe Biden for President 2020 Funny Hands Groping Grabbing T-Shirt Merchandise for Sale

#10 - Hands Grabbing Shirt

This is one of our earlier designs. While the idea works better on a full wrap around print shirt, we did the best with what Amazon would allow. 🙂

The shirt features the words “I’ll stand with Uncle Joe” with big hands coming around grabbing the shirt wearer in the chest region. The hands of course are meant to be those of Uncle Joe Biden, who sometimes gets a little too handsy with people.